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Creation Music Studios Rehearsal Room - Camden, Kentish Town, London


The room is equipped with a backline that is well looked after. 

Al, the owner, is an active musician and electronic technician who ensures all the equipment and speakers are always running properly.

• The space includes three Mackie active speakers, giving you a power of 1350 Watts RMS so that you can truly hear your vocals above the instruments

• The full valve guitar amplifiers give you a real professional sound and feel during your time at the studio​

• The rehearsal room is acoustically treated and isolated, so that loud sound in the room is still pleasant and easy to listen to. You won't hear any sound coming from outside to interfere with your rehearsal. With only one rehearsal room, Creation gives you the peace and silence to hear only your own music in detail

• The rehearsal room has been fitted with a brand new high power (3.5kW) Mitsubishi industrial air conditioner along with a full refurbishment in late 2019

• The vintage interior decor adds an inspiring touch to make your rehearsal more comfortable and relaxing

• The room has a comfortable capacity for 6 people

Creation Music Studios Rehearsal Room - Camden, Kentish Town, London



• 3 x Mackie SRM450 powered speakers (450 Watts RMS each)

• 1 x Soundcraft Folio F1 mixer 16-2 with 8 microphone preamplifiers


• 4 x Shure SM58 Microphones and Stands (We also normally have spare microphones)

• 1 x Full Valve Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amplifier (40 Watts) with a 12" extension cabinet

• 1 x Vintage Valve Marshall JMP 70's valve head with a 4 x 12 Marshall cabinet (50 Watts)

• 1 x vintage valve Marshall Super Bass 100 Amplifier head with a 4 x 10 Marshall cabinet (100 Watts)

• 1 x Yamaha Stage custom drum kit (20", 10",12", 14")

• 1 x Yamaha Stage custom 14" snare drum

• 3 x Yamaha boom cymbal stands

• 1 x Yamaha hi-hat stand

• 1 x Yamaha kick pedal

• £1.50 (per hour) Cymbals: set of 'Paste 101' (Hats, ride and 16" crash)

• £1.00 (per hour) Electric Guitar (Fender Squire Stratocaster)

• £1.00 (per hour) Precision Style Electric Bass Guitar

• £1.50 (per hour) Electric Stage Piano Weighted Keys (Roland)




We're located at the corner of Kentish Town Road

and Royal College Street,

London NW1 9PX


Please call or text:

07947 853 537


We are open from 10am until midnight every day. 

Thanks for your message!

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